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  • Early Intervention

  • Addiction Medicine Physician

  • Intensive Outpatient Program

  • Outpatient Medical Detox

  • Individual or Group Settings

  • Healthy in Home Intervention

  • Pain Recovery Program

  • Daytime, Evening and Virtual Counseling

  • Trauma Counseling (EMDR)

  • Family Processing

  • Court assessments

  • Weekly Wellness Group

Our program is based on understanding your individual needs and experiences and working with your own strengths to overcome obstacles to your happiness. 

Did you know we can provide Outpatient Medical Detox in some cases?  Save a costly, inconvenient inpatient stay and wean off of drugs or alcohol safely, effectively, and more comfortably.  Call to see if you qualify.

Why Choose an Outpatient Program?

Maintain the ability to support your family.

An outpatient program gives you the flexibility to maintain your household responsibilities while going through the phases of recovery. Many patients have young children that require continued supervision and care. Some patients have employment that is not conducive to long absences. Our outpatient programs offer freedom and flexibility.

Get help from your close family and friends.

Isolation is one of the largest threats to overcoming an addiction. An outpatient program allows the person on the road to recovery to integrate their “sober self” into their community. Especially if you have a strong network of family and friends who want to see you sober, an outpatient program might be a great option.  We welcome family to participate in the recovery process by providing specialized family groups.

Keep your privacy.

A huge roadblock in addiction recovery is embarrassment and shame. Many people struggle with admitting to themselves that they have a problem. Moments of embarrassment can prevent potential patients from entering into recovery. Our trained and professional staff are committed to your privacy and work with discretion. Your recovery community, those who are going through an outpatient program as well, can help you find confidence and feel safe while going through recovery at your own pace.

Pay less money.

The cost of outpatient recovery is significantly less expensive than inpatient recovery. This is often the primary reason that people choose outpatient programs. If you simply can’t afford inpatient, many people find an intensive outpatient program to be a better option. The total cost is approximately 1/4 of an inpatient program.

Build a community with others like you in your area.

Feeling alone is a common feeling with struggling with addiction.  One of the keys to maintaining sobriety is having a strong community of peers in recovery. You can find a deep sense of family that fully understands what you are going through. With an outpatient program, you can begin to develop this community from day one and they will still be there years down the road. This is invaluable for your long-term sobriety.  We also have a community for families dealing with addiction issues.

Keep your presence at work or school.

Many people can’t simply uproot their lives and suspend their lives for weeks in order to go to treatment. Intensive outpatient services will give you the flexibility to maintain your work or school schedule. While you may need to take some time off during the most intense periods of withdrawal, you will most likely be able to continue with your responsibilities. Additionally, work or school can provide a necessary and healthy outlet during the intense work of recovery.

Who is Outpatient Treatment for?

  • Outpatient treatment is for those who don’t have the ability to spend time away from home or work.  Not everyone has the luxury of time away from work or their home responsibilities to be in treatment.  
  • It is also the next step for those who have established healthy means of addressing addictive urges and tendencies.
  • Outpatient treatment is a step down from a residential program, to provide support to those reentering life with the new skills and education learned in an inpatient program.  
  • With expanded freedoms, students are able to attend class on a regular basis, working men and women can resume their careers, and you are free to reconnect with your family and intimate friends.
  • Those who are concerned with keeping their addiction rehab program private may do so with certainty. Patients are allowed to return home after treatment each day. Those responsible for child rearing, or who are financial providers, can receive the drug and alcohol treatment they need while attending to pressing family commitments.

Should I enroll in Intensive Outpatient Program?

Intensive outpatient treatment more closely matches the services and effectiveness of inpatient programs. Those with more severe addictions may fare better in an IOP than in a lower-intensity program. IOPs tend to have more and longer therapeutic visits per week. These programs tend to cost more than less intense outpatient programs, though this cost varies by program. While participating in our IOP program you can continue to work, care for your family, and keep an independent daily routine. You will learn to get well in your home environment.

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Enjoy the freedom of an Outpatient Program and begin your path to Recovery