Outpatient Addiction Treatment

by a compassionate & knowledgeable team

How we can help

Whether you feel you have a big problem or have early concerns, we can help you build the right plan to meet your goals.  Trouble with substance use can affect anyone.  Navigating recovery can be frustrating and lonely. 

Where hope is lost, it can be found again.

We help patients and their families find recovery.  Working on the basic building blocks of addiction recovery, as well as issues like forgiveness, love for self, healthy boundaries, understanding causes of self defeating behavior patterns and how to stop doing them, and building individualized recovery plans,  just a few ways we help patients live productive lives again.   By providing education, support, and a non-judgemental setting, we help patients change their lives. 

We utilize a variety of treatment options to improve outcomes.  From early intervention to more severe problems, we can help you find your pathway to health.

Addiction is a lifetime struggle. Wellness is a peaceful, healthy way of living life.

We offer a full range of outpatient services to provide continuing support in all phases of recovery.


An Alternative to Traditional Inpatient Drug Rehab?

Less Cost and Commitment

On average, outpatient care requires less time and money to complete.

Greater Privacy

As outpatient rehab allows you to keep up with your daily life, you will likely not have to disclose to employers or friends that you are receiving treatment.

Greater Autonomy

In outpatient care, you hold yourself accountable on a daily basis, but can receive medical support when needed.

Collective Support

Individual counseling, along with group and family therapy, will help you build your network of supporters and stay strong in sobriety.

Enjoy the freedom of an Outpatient Program while improving relationships, productivity, and your overall health.

Achieve lasting sobriety

We believe in your ability to change.  With a focus on meeting personal goals and individual treatment planning, let us customize a plan that works for you and your life.  From Outpatient Detox and Intensive Outpatient Program to monthly check ins, we are treating the working unwell. Our outpatient rehab program revolutionize monitored independence, granting freedom while coupling strict drug and alcohol testing, medical assessments, and regular therapy sessions to ensure continued longevity. Patients are the pilots of their own recovery and participate in intensive therapy, restorative group therapy, and holistic rehabilitation of the body and mind.

Addiction and Wellness Center is helping me change for the better, despite my constant struggle in doing so.  I am realizing I can still have fun while being sober and I am finding the real me.                                                                       – Quote from an active patient